Homegrown Hooligans Midwest League — League Constitution

Homegrown Hooligans Midwest Leaguekansas

-League Constitution-


Twitter: @OfficialHHML


Buy In: $55 (This will be voted on each year during off season)


  • 1st place – $300, Fantasy Football Championship Belt (shared annually, not kept)
  • 2nd place – $85
  • Highest Points Scored (Regular Season)- $50.00
  • Weekly High Score- $5.00 x 13 weeks = $65.00


  • 17 Rounds
  • Sleeperbot Draft Board
  • Offline Draft (Draft Cards)
  • Starting Roster: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (W/R/T), 1 DEF
  • 7 Bench Spots
  • 1 IR Spot

Waiver Wire:

  • All unclaimed players are on waivers at all times. When a manager makes a claim to add a player, a clock starts, letting other managers have the chance to make a claim on the same player. Waivers process every day of the week.
  • Each team is given a $100 Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB) to bid on unclaimed players that are in waivers.
    • Bids are blind, so other managers can’t see what your bid is.
    • Your bid can range from $0 to the remainder of your budget.
    • Highest bid at the end of the waiver period wins the player.
    • The winning bid is removed from that manager’s budget.
    • Ties are broken by Continual Rolling List waiver priority.

Keeper Rules:

  • Each team can keep up to 3 players.
  • A player can be kept until his cost becomes a 1st round pick, the following year he can not be kept
  • Players drafted in the 1st round cannot be kept.
  • If a player is drafted he can be kept the next year for 1 round earlier than the value he was drafted. (Ex: Mixon drafted in the 3rd would cost 2nd round pick the following year.)
  • If a player is taken off of the waiver wire he can be kept for a 10th round pick the following year, then a 9th round pick the year after that and so on.
  • If you have 2 players with the same keeper value one player will move a round value down. (Ex. You draft a player in the 11th round, but you also have a keeper from waivers, because you don’t have 2 10th round picks to forfeit, you will give up a 9th and 10th for the same round players) It will always be the earlier round of the 2 players.
  • A deadline will be set before the upcoming draft where keepers must be declared. After this deadline keepers cannot be changed but an owner can decide not to keep a player and regain their draft pick.
  • Trading a player does not affect his keeper value. You must declare a player a keeper before trading him during the offseason.  (If you trade for a player that another owner drafted in the 3rd round, and you want to keep that player the following year, it will cost a 2nd round pick.)
  • If a drafted player is dropped he will retain his draft value unless he is on the waiver wire for 2 consecutive Sundays. After that his value will change to the waiver wire value.
  • If a drafted player is either injured or suspended through the end of the year he can be kept for the drafted price the following year unless the player is dropped or he was injured for less games than he played.
  • If a drafted player is hurt or suspended and dropped he will retain his drafted round value unless he remains on the waiver wire after he is designated active by his NFL team for 2 consecutive Sundays, then his value changes to the the waiver wire value. A player must be active for 1 week of the fantasy season (week 13 the latest) after injury or suspension to be eligible as a keeper.


  • All trades are approved automatically.
  • Commissioner reserves the right to veto trades if collusion is suspected.
  • Draft pick trades are allowed, but you must have a pick in the round of the players keeper value you plan on keeping
  • Keepers can be traded before the season
  • Trade Deadline is November 10th, 2018


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