Fantasy Draftlympics™

2019 Fantasy Draftlympics Events

  • Teams are locked after 1st round.
  • The point value for each pick, along with other team info, is shown on the bracket picks page. Hover over the points shown there for more scoring info for each team.
  • Points increase as rounds progress.
  • Underdogs are worth more points.


Punt/Pass/Kick Contest Rules
1. Each participant will be allowed three punts, three passes, and three
placekicks as part of the competition.

2. The top score for passing, punting, and kicking will be taken and added
together for a cumulative total.

3. A participant’s final score is his cumulative total for the three individual
events. Example: If participant scores (40) for punting, (60) for passing, and (22)
for kicking, the participant’s final score is 122.

4. Scores will be determined from where a participant’s punt/pass/kick first makes
contact with the ground. Bounces or rolls do not add to the score.

5. If a participant tries to punt, pass, or kick and misses the ball completely, it
DOES NOT count as an attempt and another attempt is allowed.


Josh – Kansas City Chiefs

Chris – Green Bay Packers

Dan – New Orleans Saints

Matt – Dallas Cowboys

Tyler – LA Rams

Alex – Atlanta Falcons

Preston – Cleveland Browns

Luke – Oakland Raiders

Mike – Philadelphia Eagles

Jeff – New England Patriots



10 players divided in to 1 group of 4 players and 2 groups of 3 players
4 rounds. 
1st round each group race it out in the Mushroom Cup, after the four races for each group, the top 6 points advance
2nd round – 2 groups of 3 players race it out in the Star Cup, after the four races for each group, the top 4 points advance
3rd round – 1 group of 4 players race it out in the the Special Cup, after 3 races, the 2 players with the most points
will race for the championship showdown on Rainbow Road.

  • Predict the order of the 1st Round of the 2019 NFL Draft. 
  • The more picks you get correct, the higher your score
  • @Tanners


501 – Each player starts with 501 points. The number of points collected while hitting a board with a dart is subtracted from the given player’s points. The winner is the player who scores exactly 0 points.

Players will be put in to 3 groups of 3 and 1 person will have a bye. A 1 dart throw off in the beginning will determine the player with the bye. Player closest to bullseye wins the bye. Any tie will be broken by another 1 dart throwoff.

Winners of each group will advance to group of 4 to play for 1st-4th standings. Losers of each group point totals will determine standings of 5th-10th. Any ties will be broken with a 1 dart throw off.