League-Winning Strategies

Matthew Phillips – June 18, 2018

With the amount of information that’s available on the internet to anyone playing in a fantasy football league, it’s pretty easy for even the most novice player to level the playing field.
So when the well-known strategy box gets filled with everyone knowing the same information, it’s time to start thinking outside the box.
Here are four alternative strategies for winning your fantasy football league:

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Fantasy Sleepers

Matthew Phillips – June 3, 2018

Even though there’s still plenty of things that can take place between now and the start of training camps for the 2018 NFL season, here’s an early look at five interesting sleepers you might want to keep an eye on this year:

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                                               Rookie Wide Receivers

                                                                    Matthew Phillips – May 22, 2018

While the quarterbacks and running backs stole many of the headlines of the 2018 NFL Draft, many people overlook the fact that we saw 10 wide receivers taken among the top 100 picks of the draft. And in today’s pass-happy NFL, we’re seeing an increasing trend of rookie wide receivers making an instant impact for the team that drafts them.

So who are those guys from this year’s class that could make such a contribution? Here’s my list of the top five potential candidates:

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                                            Rookie Running Backs

                                                                Matthew Phillips – May 21, 2018

The running back position could once again dominate fantasy football drafts in 2018 as eight went in the first three rounds of this year’s NFL Draft. Beginning with the No. 2 overall pick, Saquon Barkley now of the New York Giants, all the way down to Royce Freeman who went to the Denver Broncos with the 71st pick, there are some seriously talented running backs that could make a huge impact come this fantasy football season. It could be reminiscent of a season ago when guys like Christian McCaffrey, Leonard Fournette, Kareem Hunt, and Alvin Kamara each had fantastic seasons. Who will it be in 2018?

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